Nessuno Può Volare – Docufilm

“Nessuno Può Volare” (Nobody Can Fly) is the title of the new documentary movie I’ve been honored to work on as a composer during the …

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  1. Sottovoce
  2. Final scene from Nobody Can Fly


I’m proud to announce that I’ve been selected as the winner of the LGBAC 2017 VIDEO GAME COMPOSITION award. The audition required to compose two tracks for …

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Gravity Re-Scored

I have re-scored this scene from “Gravity” with the soundtrack I have personally composed for the graduation exam at the Conservatory “S. Cecilia” of Rome …

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The Night Manager – Sky Atlantic promo

Happy to reveal I scored the ident promo for the new Sky Atlantic serie, “The Night Manager”, starring Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie. The track we used is “No Way Out” by Giordano Maselli

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Morandi 7.1

Watch the video Gianni Morandi, a famous Italian singer, has been the 2015 network’s viral attraction with his selfies. During his broadcast “MORANDI 7.1” which …

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