Giordano Maselli, italian composer, Bachelor of Arts Degree with honors in Classical Composition and Master’s Degree with honors in Movie Soundtrack Composition at Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Rome.

He started his musical training at the age of 3. After trying various instruments, by the age of 9 he focused on the piano and scoring for visual media. He studied classical composition at the Arts Academy in Rome and privately with M° L. Pelosi, leading him toward admission to the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia where he continued studying with M° M. Gabrieli focusing on film scoring.

His compositions include some short movies like “Tom”, “Shah Mat”, “Adele”, “Cattive Notizie”, the complete soundtrack of the “Last Monkey”  webseries, cartoon soundtracks for the firm Musicartoon, and videogame scores with RedDoll.

Maselli has a series of interesting collaborations in the Youtube universe in fellowship with Matteo Bruno (Cane Secco), a popular italian blogger with whom he creates TV spots, short movies, soundtracks, event music, and music for the Internet. He has also worked with Video Eikon and Ballandi in several TV documentaries including the theme song of the Sky TV show “Itinerari di caccia”, “Morandi 7.1” featuring Gianni Morandi and with Pesci Combattenti in “Nessuno Può Volare”.

In 2014 and 2015 he was awarded Best Original Score in the 48h Film Project, given by Ian Anderson (frontman for Jethro Tull). In 2015 he entered the Italian movie market with “Hybris”, a psycho-thriller produced by Mirelatives Picture. The movie has been released in Italy and the soundtrack is available on Itunes.

As an orchestrator, he has collaborated with Riccardo Studer in several tracks of  “Dylan Dog – Vittima degli eventi,” a fan movie directed by Claudio di Biagio. He has worked with Goblin on the track “Dark Bolero” and on the album “Fearless”.

Maselli has also founded his own recording studio with the aim of working as closely as possible with other musicians in “live room” composing. He is currently working on an album named “Start From Scratch.”