Gravity Re-Scored

I have re-scored this scene from “Gravity” with the soundtrack I have personally composed for the graduation exam at the Conservatory “S. Cecilia” of Rome (Italy).

I wanted to follow an orchestral approach instead of the original soundtrack by Steven Price.
The sequence is composed of two musical scenes:
1) The first (the longer one) is the “return to the earth”, musically divided in three pieces (orchestra-synths-orchestra).
2) The second includes “Final scene and Credits”

The use of synthesizers in the scene set in the space is the only element connected to the original music, I wanted to change the instrumentation to diversifying the ambients in order to use the orchestra for the internal scenes (in the first piece) and the synthesizers for the outer space. Realizing the synth tracks I played Access Virus B.

It was the first time for me to work with Digital Performer, and it slows me down a lot because I didn’t know how to use this Daw, now I learned!

Realizing “Gravity Re-Scored” it was a nice experience, both because it turned me on different softwares and music libraries with which I never worked before, and because it helped me to graduate in Composition with honors!
Also for this I would like to thank my supervisor  M° Maurizio Gabrieli.

Let me know on my Youtube if you like it! Looking forward to reading your comments.