Suspended Freedom – First live performance

‘Suspended Freedom’ is a piece composed by Giordano Maselli between 2017 and 2018.

It is dedicated to the students and the professional workers members of the Santa Cecilia’s Symphonic Band, which firstly performed this piece in a live concert on June 15th, 2018.

The title is related to the harmony of the piece, which is in fact based on suspended chords made of fourths and fifths that never lead to any final chord.

During the initial oboe solo, a fifth gets added in each bar, and the three chords so formed will be the base to the piece’s ending as well.

As for the concept of Freedom instead, it is purely creative matter. The music revolves around three styles (tonal – counterpoint – modal) that freely alternate and are different evolutions of the same melody, varying it to different degrees.

The orchestration, even if mainly made by Maselli, is the result of a collaboration with Maestro G. Pocorobba, that reviewed the score several times and was vital to perfect the balance and ideate the different layers of sound.

Maestro Pocorobba himself was the live concert organizer, and the performance was also the chance for young conductors, including Maselli, to conduct pieces by G. Verdi, F. Liszt, G. Manente, Ed Huckeby, E. Gregson, O. Respighi.

  • Piccolo: Alessia Valentini.
  • Flutes: Francesca Duca, Silvia Raia.
  • Oboe: Leopoldo Magallon.
  • Clarinet in E: Ennio Zohar.
  • Clarinets: Alberto Castaneda, Emanuele Ciampa, Giorgia Clementi, Marcello Danza, Giuseppe Paci, Pasquale Pilato, Piergiorgio Sardella, Livia Tancioni, Giovanni Tanzarella, Francesca Valentini.
  • Bass Clarinet: Lorenzo Imparato.
  • Alto Saxophones: Ivan Bernardini, Alessandro Scalone.
  • Baritone Saxophone: Alessio Matrigiani.
  • French Horns: Giuseppe Arcodia, Nicola Sacco, Begonia Garcia Saez, Nino Scarpuzza.
  • Trumpets: Daniele Cherubino, Placidino Costa, Josè Eduardo Rodriguez, Gabriele Tamiri.
  • Trombones: Edward Arosemena, Enrico Basilico, Antonino Pietralunga.
  • Euphonium: Gerardo Scarano.
  • Tubas: Edgar Dutary, Giacomo Tomassi.
  • Timpani: Gianfranco Vozza.
  • Percussions: Carlo Capuano, Alessio Cavaliere.